Link Building Schemes

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Link Building or Link Schemes

There is a lot of talk about what works in SEO today. Most wise SEO professionals stopped using software to build links. All of us in the industry are constantly trying to figure out the best way to get sites ranking in the search engines. Here’s the latest from Google’s position on Link Building Schemes.

Many SEO professionals will tell you to create high quality content and social share that content. For this to work you’ll need great content that people care about. It’s true that high quality content and social sharing has benefits especially when your bringing people back to your site.

I recently asked Dan Thies author “SEO FAST START’ his position on forum posting and here’s what he had to say:

“It’s perfectly natural for the “Texas Holdem Spammer” to run a script to spam every blog it can find with useless comments. That’s what a spammer does. It’s perfectly natural, if you don’t trust the Internet to give you natural links as a result of marketing your site, to hire people to go out and find places where they can plant links to the site on your behalf.

Does it still work? Sure, it works until it doesn’t, just like blog networks did. Ask your clients to sign an agreement where they agree that they may need to switch to a new domain someday, at their own expense, because you are being hired to take risks. That’s how all of my black-hat-consultant friends handled it back in the day when they were still trying to play that game. Tell them what kind of fire they are playing with and make sure they still want to play. Then you can spam with a clear conscience and try not to get caught.

Which is a lot more likely to happen if you’re trying to jam keywords into those forum links.

If I were going to go out and engage in forums, I’d be seeing it first as a way to build relationships, second as a way to promote good content, and not as a way to manufacture anchor text links. If you’re struggling with how to pay someone to build relationships, how to pay someone to create good content, I’d say that’s the more important problem to solve.

The best way, the easiest way, to get links is to make something awesome, stick in on the Internet, and then tell people where it is.”

I agree with Dan but creating something that awesome is no easy task for one site much less working on multiple sites for clients. I’m not going to debate with Dan what works or what is correct way of doing things.

This article by Michael Martinez says “If there is a strategy to your link building, it’s a scheme.” This is straight from Google “Any links intended to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme.”

SEO Link Schemes

In the SEO business we do whatever we can to get sites ranking. Everyone of us has used link building schemes. As a SEO professional in the game for the long haul, we want to be certain not to do anything to jeopardize a client’s site. The problem is no one knows how the next Google update will affect sites. In conclusion whatever link building methods your using could be debated as a link building scheme. Hopefully whatever you’re doing won’t put a site in jeopardy and will work in the long term. What link building methods are you using?


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