I am Nigeria, I am London, I am New York, I am a fashion maven and a business woman. I was born to love and live and breathe fashion—it comes from my mother and it is in my DNA. I was raised in Nigeria, a true hidden gem in the fashion world. Nigerian fashion is full of color and texture and movement and life and that is what I have always been drawn to, both in my early days working as a fashion model and more recently as a professional in the Fashion Technology industry. I have finally decided to harness my zeal for fashion and my unique knowledge of the industry and have started this company, Exnative, as a site for fellow devotees of global fashion.

Fashion knows no boundaries—there are no limits to what can be dreamed up, designed, created and worn. Exnative is a site for fashion designers and fashion connoisseurs. I curate and feature fashion trends and ready-to-wear lines from around the world, starting with designers from Nigeria, my home. My hope in creating this business is to help fashion lovers discover up-and-coming designers whom they might not normally have access to, and to help emerging fashion designers find a cadre of clients they might not normally be able to reach. Exnative will be the conduit for connecting lovers of global fashion with fashion designers all around the globe.

It is no longer just a dream to be able to access fashions from around the world. The international marketplace makes it possible for anyone to buy anything—and that is where Exnative really shines. If you are a designer in a smaller fashion market, you may be wondering how to get your pieces out to a larger audience. Let Exnative showcase your line and feature your looks for purchase on the site. Our customers are in big markets like New York and London and are incredibly eager to find their next totally distinct outfit, their next new up-and-coming designer to discover. They are dying to find looks and pieces that no one else has uncovered yet and show them off.

Visit: exnative.com