Founder and Director

During her early professional career Liz was engaged as an Emergency Nurse. Contracted nationally throughout Emergency Departments around Australia she developed her capacity and understanding of human behaviour. Working on a daily basis with acute physical and mental dysfunction enabled Liz with unique insights into human behaviour, observing the capacity of an individuals mindset to either raise them to live a successful, goal orientated life; or a struggling, broken one.

Liz’s experience and unique insights within this field garnered the attention of the West Australian Department of Health. For almost a decade Liz’s skills were utilized in leading and implementing vast projects and clinical change initiatives in the metropolitan Emergency Departments of Western Australia. Recognized for her natural leadership abilities and her contributions to both injury prevention programs in WA, and business process resign for system efficiencies, Liz’s strengths focused on quality improvement programs designed to provide better health outcomes, and building great work cultures by providing exceptional leadership.

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