Ocean Power was established in the year 1996 with primary focus on MARINE EQUIPMENT and it’s SPARE PARTS. Since our institution, we have continuously worked at improving our services and processes to provide unique, innovative and high quality range of products for the shipping industry.

OUR PRODUCT RANGE include Main/Aux Engines, Generator Sets, Air Compressors, Oil Purifiers, Fresh Water Generator, Pumps, Steam Turbine, Heat Exchanger, AND ITS SPARE SPARE PARTS LIKE Crank Shaft, Cylinder Cover ,piston, connecting rod Cylinder Liner,piston rings, Nozzles, Plunger Barrel,delivery valves Big End Bearing, Main Journal Bearing, Valve Spindle, Valve Guide, Valve Seat, Fuel Injector, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pump, Water Pump, Piston Rings,and Turbo Charger and its spare parts.

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