PicsMix Effect

Now create amazing photo by mixing your photo with 7 wonders of world by using PicsMix application. PicsMix on another image to make a awesome design. PicsMix contains lot of background images which can make your photo more beautiful.

PicsMix Effect is an easy and fun way to enhance your personal photos. It makes your photos beautiful with 7 Wonders of world pictures. Lots of places images and effects, easy to use, share via Facebook, Twitter and many more. It takes no time at all to make your photos Awesome.

With a help of PicsMix Effect you can apply a lot of wonderful Pictures effects with a touch of your finger. PicsMix Effect is a very simple photo effect app and it’s easy to use. PicsMix provides a wide range of cool photo effects which you can dedicate to your any of your special one.

Adjust PicsMix to create an amazing output.

Feature Provide by PicsMix:

1. Unique designed backgrounds.
2. Allows image from gallery and camera to set in background.
3. High quality output.

How to use this PicsMix Effect?

1) Launch PicsMix Effect.
2) Pick an image from your gallery or take a shot.
3) Choose one of cool photo from the list.
4) Save your edited photo.
5) Share a brilliant photo with your friends!