TappyMarine is Arcade game best suited for play in the Oceans. Get ready for an amazing ride of Submarine. There will be hurdles in your way while playing game; you have to tap your screen to move up your submarine. But also remember that there will also be attack from other side so you have to be aware for both. You will survive as much as you can overcome all hurdles and attacks.
– You can compete with your friends by comparing score.
– Kids will Love this game.
– Windows Phone is very flawless for our game.
– Various difficulty levels like Mountain, Fish, Sharks etc.
– Smooth handling of Sub Marine.
– Screen Tap sound and Collision Sound.
– Attractive User Interface for Score Calculation.
– Infinite Level.
What’s New?
– Avoid Your Submarine from attacks of Shark fish and collision on mountains.
– Extremely Beautiful Graphics and Responsive layout.
– New Missile weapon for defense from Various Attacks.
– Buy an Extra Missiles as by giving 5 coins.
– Displays Total Distance travelled by submarine as your score.
– Displays High score at the end of each level.
– Displays Collected coins at each level.
– Fabulous New Sound Effects.
– How To Play:
– Start by clicking the play button.
– Tap your screen to move your submarine up and defend from various attacks.
– Collect Gold Coins coming from the part of your scene.
– Tap on the Missile Icon on the Bottom Right corner of the screen to blast Missiles.
– Avoid Collision of your submarine from Hills, Mountains and Fishes.
– Purchase extra Missiles at the end of each level by selling your coins.
– Try and cover maximum distance to get High Score.