When you consider the average person spends as much as 5 hours or more a day accessing applications on their phones and revenue from in-app purchases reaching as much as $37 billion it is no wonder developers are racing to create and distribute new android applications.

Android App Development

Android Application Development Company that can predict and stay ahead of current trends and develop products to access these new trends will have the ability to increase their profits dramatically.   Below are 4 of the hottest trends in Android App development.


Mobile Payment

Many individuals are using their phones for tasks they used to do in person or on their computer including accessing financial information and paying bills.  With the rise of eCommerce, individuals can do virtually everything on their phones from transferring money from one bank account to another to ordering and paying for food delivery as well as scan and pay in stores and even vending machines.  This market is sure to keep getting larger, so mobile payment in android application development is a significant new trend that developers need to stay in front of.


Android Instant Apps

With so many available applications for your phone from games to shopping downloading all of them take up valuable space on your phone, to reduce the amount of space needed to store apps Android has developed instant apps.  Android Instant Apps give individuals the ability to access apps without using up valuable phone space, especially when it comes to apps they do not access on a regular basis.  Developers will need to start upgrading apps and creating new ones to keep up with the demand for instant apps.



With the ability to use mobile payment and scan and pay as well as many other financial applications on an individual’s phone one top priority for Android App Development is security.  Staying on top of security and ensuring that user information is not compromised is extremely important not only for the users themselves but for a business’s bottom line. It only takes one security breach to send users running, and they will most likely not come back as well as make sure it is know how unhappy they are with the product or service.  Keeping customers safe and happy is a top priority because if customers do not feel safe they will not purchase or use your product, and that affects profit.  Unfortunately, criminals are always trying to find ways to access financial information, so Android App Developers will need to constantly vigilant and creating and upgrading security systems to ensure that customer information is protected.


Internet of Things (IoT)

One advancement that has made connecting to the internet on devices other than a cell phone or computer is called the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT allows individuals to use tools like appliances, cars, speakers, toys, watches, thermostat, security systems, etc. to connect to the internet allowing the user to control them from a single device.  IoT will have a high impact on many industries including transportation, manufacturing, retail, banking, defense, healthcare, and food service to name a few, so it is imperative for Android App Development to keep up with the demand of this rapidly growing industry.


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